The Barrier - The first choice for underslab insulation

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July 18, 2024

How to install The Barrier™

The Barrier™ material is the easiest and LEAST labor intensive under concrete material to install in underground applications on the market today. Just follow these simple steps and find out why installers rate this material "Easiest to Work With".

  1. Base grade/floor should be as level as possible, with all debris removed.
  2. Start with the flange up against a wall so that all subsequent flanges will lay over the taped edge.
  3. Start all products from the same side to insure that flange is always over the factory applied taped edge.
  4. Unwind Barrier™ / BarrierXT™ / BarrierX5™ / BarrierHL™ roll with tape edge up,then lay flat on base material.
  5. For XBoard™, stagger joints.
  6. Cut ends to length required - or roll up the footer form if desired to insulate the slab completely from heat and cold migration.
  7. Lay next roll/sheet down - be sure to butt edges together. Flange should lay on top of the taped edge.
  8. Peel back double-faced adhesive release paper and compress onto tape (make sure rolls are tight together) Compress over- lap tab firmly on previous roll edge.
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**It is important to make sure rolls are butted tightly together to create a seamless gap when you compress the double-faced adhesive tab.

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